Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Calvin, Ash, Jose, Alli & Katie - June 7 - Friends





Last Thursday, I was walking through the square with some coworkers and saw this group of guys. Their laid back vibe and friendly energy motivated me to ask if I could take their pictures. I love their easy style and those red Vans, which I own as well. It was nice to meet you fellas!


This is Alli and she is the Director of Marketing at United By Blue, a Philly-based eco-friendly clothing line that I had the pleasure of interning for these past few months. This chick is awesome because she is super professional and at the same time, friendly and playful. I had the best time getting to know her these past few months and am so glad we took a post-work saunter into Rittenhouse.


Katie also works at United By Blue as the Creative Associate, which means all-around media badass. She is a freelance graphic designer as well as a super talented photographer and videographer. Check out her website, www.katharinefriedgen.com, and hire her for your graphic design needs! Having Katie in the office was the best and after discovering our respective a cappella backgrounds, it became clear we were kindred spirits.

I am so grateful that my path crossed with these ladies' and that I got the chance to learn and create with them. My time at UBB is over but these new friendships have just begun!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

James, Arielle, Wills & Caitlin - June 3 - Sunday Kind of Love

This glorious Sunday was made even better by dozens of art vendors set up in and around the square. It was the annual Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show and there were some wonderful artists involved. James' work in particular caught my eye and, with the supportive prodding by his girlfriend, James let me take some pictures of him and his art. Please check him out at jamesmatusheski.com and support this talented, young artist!

Arielle (center) was chilling with my homie and square person alum, Chinedu (right), when her gorgeous, hazel eyes caught my eye. Besides being beautiful, she was very chill and had a great style; I especially like those leather flats.





Wills and Caitlin were benching it up and their awesome individual, but complementary styles, made me want to snap their pictures. Caitlin, a pastry chef, has some pretty sweet pastry tattoos and Wills was totally rocking the greased back hair. Super beautiful couple if I do say so myself. :)